8in DVI to VGA Cable Adapter - DVI-I Male to VGA Female

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The DVIVGAMF8IN DVI to VGA Cable (8-inch) is used to adapt a DVI Male connector to a VGA female connector and enables you to connect a Flat Panel Display to a PC or MAC® computer with DVI-I output. The VGA female connection added by the dongle is situated approximately 8 inches away from the DVI output connection, which lessens strain on and prevents damage to the DVI connector while reducing the potential of blocking other available ports. The DVI male to VGA female adapter is constructed of high quality materials to ensure dependability, and is backed by's lifetime warranty. Please Note: This product is intended for connections between DVI-I and VGA devices. If your device uses a DVI-D connector, please refer to's High Resolution Video DVI to VGA Converter DVI2VGACON.

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  • Offers 8? in cable length
  • DVI-I (Male) to VGA (Female) Connectors

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