Kensington Wrist Rest for Mechanical & Gaming Keyboards

Sale price$31.31 CAD



Scientifically developed to prevent injury while optimizing your comfort, this ergonomic wrist rest features an ultra-soft exterior supported by gel cushioning to minimize strain. Its soft material resists sticking to your skin and easily wipes clean. Professional-level design provides functional and sophisticated low-profile elegance. Nonskid rubber backing keeps the rest from slipping around on your desk whether you're working or gaming. Designed with ergonomist input and approval to provide you with optimal health, comfort and protection through proper alignment, tailored dimensions and a unique curve design, this wrist rest is perfect for both work and play.

  • Ultra-soft feel provides both quality and comfort
  • Smooth top resists sticking to skin and wipes down easily
  • Curved design minimizes impact of repetitive strain
  • Low-profile construction keeps hands positioned at comfortable level
  • Nonskid backing prevents sliding whether you're working or gaming

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