B+B SmartWorx RS-232 High Energy Surge Protector

Advantech Co., LtdSKU: EIC8666DC

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The Model 232HESP is designed to help protect against lightning strikes, power surges, and other types of voltage disturbances. Five RS-232 signals on terminal blocks are supported with a clamping voltage of approximately 15 volts. The 232HESP offers three stages of protection starting with a gas discharge tube followed by a series resistor and finally a Transient Voltage Suppresser (TVS). In order for a surge protector to work properly it is important to have a good connection to earth ground. The 232HESP offers two terminal posts and two metal mounting brackets that provide a good ground connection for the user. The 232HESP has been tested to two specifications at 6 kilovolts, IEC 1000-4-5: 1995 "Surge Immunity Test" and IEEE C62.41-1991 "IEEE Recommended Practice on Surge Voltages in Low-Voltage AC Power Circuits". To ensure the best protection of your equipment some simple connection guidelines should be followed.
  • Helps you reduce the repair cost for equipment
  • Terminal Block receptacles for flexible connectivity and placement

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