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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Vertiv Geist GTHD Temperature, Humidity, and Dew point Sensor - Gadget Hub Canada
Vertiv Geist SRT-12 Temperature Sensor - Gadget Hub Canada
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Vertiv Geist SRT-12 Temperature SensorVertiv
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Panduit SmartZone EA001 Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Gadgethub
Vertiv Geist FS-15 Flood Sensor - Gadgethub
Sale price$89.74 CAD
Vertiv Geist FS-15 Flood SensorVertiv
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Geist Environmental Monitor - Watchdog 100 - Gadgethub
Sale price$492.48 CAD
Geist Environmental Monitor - Watchdog 100Vertiv
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APC NetBotz Rack Monitor, Environmental Monitor, Physical Security Device with RFID Badge Rack Access, Instant Alerts, Remote Management (NBRK0250). - Gadgethub
APC Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Gadgethub
CyberPower ENVIROSENSOR Enviromental Sensor - Temperature & Humidity Monitoring - Gadgethub

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